Chevron Refineries Has Poor Margins for the Low Oil Price!

Chevron Corp. fell 51 percent in profits in the first quarter Friday, the last major oil companies to be hit by the sharp decline in prices for petroleum and natural gas and anemic margins for refiners. Chevron partially offset a sharp decline in energy prices last year by an increase in oil production and reduce costs in the third quarter. Chief Financial Officer, Patricia E. Yarrington said that two thirds were permanent and cost reductions are not related to fluctuations in prices. Chevron said it expects raised its target of 2009, most recently, the production of 2.66 million barrels per day.

Non-Profit Chevron fell to 3.83 billion, or $ 1.92 per share, compared to 7.89 billion, or $ 3.85 per share last year. Excluding $ 400 million in gains from asset sales and other items, rose $ 1.72 per share, shares up $ 1.47 analysts had expected. Sales fell 41 percent forecast of 46.6 billion to 78.9 billion dollars, which analysts had $ 47 billion. Chevron's revenue from oil production by 41 percent, increased production has contributed to the impact of lower oil prices, reducing what was previously achieved a record time for a year.

Production of oil and natural gas increased by 11 percent to 2.70 million barrels of oil equivalent per day. Revenue from refining fell 90 percent to 194 million euros and were affected mainly in the United States if the company from a modest 34 million U.S. dollars quarterly profit.

The CEO, David J. O'Reilly said he expects the refinery to remain "very rough" added for the next two years, as smaller suppliers and supply and demand for recovery close to that by demand has been promoted in Asia, as it seemed. Shares of Chevron in San Ramon, Calif., fell $ 1.41, or 1.8 percent to $ 76.54 Friday close.


Song of Michael Jackson: This Is It!

In life, Michael Jackson has set the record, revealed, sold, and entertained millions of people. Well, he may be gone, but compared to the latest statistics of surprise smash documentary "provided by Michael Jackson This Is It", the iconic singer. In the Footsteps of 2.2 million U.S. dollars Tuesday to a series of midnight screenings of "This Is It" took in another U.S. $ 7.4 million its first day of release - and another $ 12.7 million in abroad. Overall, there are total in the world of cinema is 20.1 million - impressive numbers for a version of mid-week, let alone a documentary.

According to dealers Sony, every Wednesday is the day for a serious film about a Wednesday in the month of October. Positioned approximately 1.5 million dollars, before the camp last weekend-Champ "Paranormal Activities Office," the film about King of Pop, now seems willing to cinema at the weekend, the country generally Halloween. It 'almost certain hits Moonwalk musical past, such as documents about "Madonna: Truth or Dare" (15 million) and "Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience" (19.2 million), setting targets for all time champion "Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert," which topped the list with 65.3 million U.S. dollars.

The result of a bidding war that was in the weeks after June 25 death of lead from Michael Jackson, "This Is It" over 100 hours of testing, the pop singer for a sold-out 50-date tour trip London. Filmed at the Forum and Staples Center in Los Angeles, Sony has 60 million dollars for the rights to the images, which was then compiled by the Center for Collaboration Jackson, and "High School Musical," the company's management, Kenny Ortega. Michael Jackson With this unforgettable hits as "Beat It", "Smooth Criminal" and "Thriller" was presented the film in 99 countries on Wednesday and extended to other 10 on Thursday.

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